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The Global Repository for Internet Studies Volunteers (GRIS-V) programme is the GRIS organization that promotes volunteerism to support internet health and development through workshops in Africa and the rest of the world. Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of the internet and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. GRIS-V contributes to internet’s health by advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into internet programming, and mobilizing volunteers. In most cultures volunteerism is deeply embedded in long-established, ancient traditions of sharing and support within the communities. In this context, GRIS Volunteers take part in various forms of volunteerism and play a role in connecting the unconnected. In all assignments, GRIS Volunteers promote volunteerism through their action and conduct. Engaging in volunteer activity can effectively and positively enrich their understanding of how the internet affects everyone, as well as create a bridge between themselves and the users in their community. This will make the time they spend as GRIS Volunteers even more rewarding and productive.


Would you like to contribute to the health of your own country’s internet and work with others like yourself who have a desire to accelerate your nation’s internet issues and promote a healthy internet space for all? Apply now!


1. Translation from English into another language

Task: We seek the support of online volunteers to translate from English into any language they’re comfortable with. Due to several challenges in the translation field, we plan to involve volunteers for the translation, and other volunteers for the proofreading/harmonization. The name of the translators will appear on our website and papers. Online collaboration by e-mail.

Objective: As part of activities to create harmony in the languages often read online, we want to break the language barrier in most of communication medium while we continue to raise awareness about internet health.

Requirement: Any country native language; good writing skills; good knowledge of English. 6 to 10 hours weekly.

Brochure/Banner profile/Designer

BrochureTask: The volunteer will work with other designers to design graphics for the organization which will include handbills, brochure, organization profile, banner and other educational handbills for the organization as communication and marketing materials as part of information materials for the organization campaign. The hand bills will be on Internet health, governance promotion and related topics. The volunteer must be a professional and timely. He/She must be creative too.

Objective: GRIS is a non-profit organization working to improve Internet health across Africa, through education, awareness and access to resources. Our focus is on empowering the youth to lead healthy and meaningful lives throughout their exposure on the internet. Our primary area of focus is Digital Inclusion & Access, Community Networks and Stability, with Digital Rights and cybersecurity as secondary areas. The organization is preparing to create more awareness on these areas so the organization needs paraphernalia to showcase.

Requirement: The volunteer should be an experienced graphic designer and a knowledge of internet health will be an added advantage. And should be timely in the delivery of tasks. Knowledge of Digital Rights, Community Network is an added advantage. 11 to 20 hours weekly.

Draft proposals and research donors

draft proposalsTask: We are looking volunteers to help us research potential donors, draft proposals and advice us on ways we can approach them. Volunteers will not submit the funding requests on behalf of our organization. The online volunteers will work with the Executive Directors. All meetings and communication will be online through majorly Skype, WhatsApp and email exchange. The duration of the online collaboration will be not be limited.

Objective: Global Repository for Internet Studies (GRIS) is also an internet relief and community development organization, working in partnership with local communities to alleviate the impact of Internet on the lives of the unconnected and vulnerable community as the first step in a long-term strategy to achieve a goal of connecting the next million to the internet for self-sufficiency. We Global Repository for Internet Studies have engaged to contribute to the number of unconnected audience in the horn of Africa communities. To reduce the number of unconnected communities of pastoral people especially women and youth, we will be engaging profitable digital skill trainings for possible job creations across various communities. Improving the health of internet and gender of pastoral through mobile health labs. Implementing projects that give communities an opportunity to get hands-on training in digital fields such as cybersecurity artificial intelligence, coding or digital marketing while learning ways to create internet health awareness through mass campaign.


  1. Good in researching Donors in online.
  2. Good in proposal writing especial livelihoods promotion.
  3. Good with communication skills.
  4. Solid working experience in NGO sector is a plus.

6 to 10 hours weekly.


Newsletter Contribution


Task: Contribute articles related to Internet health and governance as well as social entrepreneurship for our newsletter for corporations. Expectation is to write minimum one article per quarter on global sustainability and social intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship/Internet health topics that you are most concerned with. Ideally, we’d like to have volunteers with an international management background and a global mindset. We’re looking for long-term support.

Objective: We strive to provide global internet education across generations (focus is on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), ICTs, intercultural and entrepreneurial education) and want to raise awareness about global sustainable development issues such as internet health and governance. Through social media and the Internet in general, and through our newsletter in particular we want to increase management awareness of global sustainable development issues and business solutions.

Requirement: Management background is plus, experience with journalism and corporate communications. 1 to 5 hours weekly.

Social media administration

social media administratorTask: The volunteer will be concerned with managing most of the social media networks of the organization. In managing the social media sites, the volunteer will generate contents which are engaging to our audience. Hosting Twitter chats and Awareness campaigns on Cybersecurity, Digital Rights and Access, and other topics bothering on women and girls and the youth in Africa as it relates to Internet governance. The volunteer will also develop a social media marketing strategy. And this candidate will not necessarily have a Digital Rights knowledge or background but should be a good communicator and knowledgeable in the listed areas and its burdens.

Objective: GRIS is a non-profit organization working to improve Internet health across Africa, through education, awareness and access to resources. Our focus is on empowering the youth to lead healthy and meaningful lives throughout their exposure on the internet. Our primary area of focus is Digital Inclusion & Access, Community Networks and Stability, with Digital Rights and cybersecurity as secondary areas.  The organization has programs in the pipeline and needs active social media engagement and activity.

Requirement: Must be knowledgeable in Internet issues especially in Africa. Experience in communication and social media management will be an added advantage. 20+ hours weekly.

Write online education courses

online educationTask: The GRIS E-Lab hopes to be a leader in providing online  courses free of charge hence we’re seeking experienced teachers or authors who would like to join a group of colleagues developing a course in Java programming and numerous other courses in information technology to help us achieve our goal of connecting the next billion from digitally deprived communities. You are welcome to work on chapter text, cases, assignments, reading lists, summaries, class discussions, review and test questions, as well as research and add examples, statistics and citations. All GRIS E-Lab course pages are in HTML or languages that will teach newbies in simple forms. You will not be responsible for any HTML code, but only for the text in between. Content can be imported from open education resources, i.e. material that is not copyright restricted such as in Wikipedia or courseware at major universities. You must have the skills to locate and import such material. Depending on your qualifications you may be called upon to grade assignments, monitor class discussions or answer student questions as well as lead management in our e-Lab Africa projects.

Objective:  GRIS is a non-profit organization and now run by over senior volunteers. The new agenda is to deliver complete level courses online in languages free of charge. GRIS’ courses include interconnected learning tools with submission of assignments, class discussions and automated graded tests, that allow GRIS to award course completion certificates.

Requirement: Teaching in university or work experience in related field is desirable. Advanced computer skills since all work is done online, and you must learn how to navigate online educational platforms and procedures or build one for this purpose. GRIS’ courses are normally first written in English, but they can also be developed in French, Spanish or any operating languages.

6 to 10 hours weekly.

Script Writer (short plays)

screenplayTask: If selected, you will work with the producer to write a final draft of a screenplays targeting short stories. A powerful story has to be created, inspired by true events, but it needs to be told with a strong narrative structure relating to the Internet health and issues in Africa and the world at large. To retain an authentic cultural perspective, and to ensure this support helps the continent long term, you will work with a local screenwriting student to help them develop their own skill in writing, while you learn about the culture from them. You will receive credit as a writer when the content has been produced.

Objective: This story has to be created to inspire internet users regularly. The story should bring attention to the issue in Africa and internationally and inspire others to take action. This story is well-suited for natural drama with a deep emotional impact that can be suggested for screenplay concept at various Internet Governance functions. The goal is to premier this as a short film, occasionally at internet Governance forums at both local and international levels including major festival. Covering this subject matter as a narrative will give universality to the story, while at the same time bringing attention to the specific situations various country are dealing with. Further screenings may be part of a campaign coupled with documentaries on the same subject. This will likely include rural screenings in villages in unconnected areas. We also hope to hold screenings around Oceania, North America, and Europe some day.

Requirement:  Qualified applicants should have, at a minimum, written one screenplay that has been considered in screenwriting competitions, or been produced and shown in film festivals. Experience with internet issues is preferred. Experience in screenwriting with regard to social and human rights issues is a plus.

 1 to 5 hours weekly.


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The GRIS-V Online Volunteering service collaborates with partners that recognize the transformative power of online volunteering.

Our partners include global companies, volunteer-involving organizations and government agencies that wish to proactively engage citizens in making a difference for internet’s health worldwide.

Online volunteering allows people to contribute to solving global challenges anywhere in the world, using the technology at their fingertips – smartphones, tablets or computers. Online volunteering is fast, easy – and most of all, effective.

There are several ways to partner with GRIS-V’s Online Volunteering service:

•    Global companies can adopt our bespoke corporate employee online volunteering solution to invite their own qualified, motivated employees to contribute time and skills as online volunteers.

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