This Data Privacy Day Take Steps to Protect Your Data

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This Data Privacy Day Take Steps to Protect Your Data

This Data Privacy Day Take Steps to Protect Your DataAs champions of an open, globally-secure, and trusted Internet, International Data Privacy Day is a big deal around these parts.

But making sure you’re able to share what you want, when you want, should be something the world stands for more than once a year. Every day should be Data Privacy Day.

These days, it feels all too common to hear stories about policy or law enforcement officials trying to create backdoors into technologies like encryption. These backdoors could put our online security at risk.

Just a little over one month ago, Business Insider reported that smart home devices dominated Christmas 2018 sales on Amazon, while the Alexa app, which enables people to control those smart devices, was the most downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App store on Christmas Day.

As the Internet becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives, each of us can take actions to ensure that privacy and security are a top priority.

Let’s come together on Data Privacy Day to celebrate the possibilities an open, globally connected, trusted, and secure Internet brings. Here are ways you can help make it happen where you live:

(And don’t forget to make a cake!)

North America
My Privacy Online: Championing Trust in the Era of IoT

In India, Days Left to Comment on Rules That Could Impact Your Privacy

In addition to the Connect Smart tips from the Internet Society and Consumers International, the Internet Society France has started a working group dedicated to raising awareness of the security risks when using IoT devices. The IoT Working Group is part of a broader effort by the Internet Society to raise awareness of the security risks inherent in the use of IoT-connected devices. While the IoT Working Group is focused on France, the hope is the best practices it uncovers will feed into the work the rest of Europe is doing.

By Lia Kiessling,Senior Director, Strategic Communications

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