The Internet, Human Rights, and Environmental Issues

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The Internet, Human Rights, and Environmental Issues

The Internet, Human Rights, and Environmental IssuesWe focus on the emerging relationship between the – built and natural – environment and future internet designs, terms of access and use, data and content management, Madeline, a participant at the 2018 Internet Governace Forum shares some quick points on the topic.

The protection and promotion of Human Rights, achieving Gender Equality and securing Youth policies for the present and next generation is in the core of the international arena, and Internet Governance is not a foreign field for that argument. Human Rights online need to be protected and guaranteed as they are applicable both online and offline, for the human conflicts are not lost in the online expression of our lives.

The importance of human rights as a direct link to Gender, Youth and Equality according to Madeline is to find a standardized level of digital literacy and to end conflicts, so to find a interconnected future which is equal to all.

Madeline adds that; One is to focus on human rights but to pay attention to human agency as well.  That means we might talk about things like access but what’s really important is that we ask what kind of agency do we have to capitalize on that access?  What kind of control do we have over the content we see, the way that we use digital technologies?

Two, there’s a clear avoidance of tech solutionism.  Making sure we talk about how we can leverage tech for good.  And three, a return to analogue structures of the need ‑ the protection of human rights and really needing to kind of strengthen those, to bear the digital load.

So, yeah, as I said, the important thing that I want to emphasize here is our outreach strategy and making sure that we’re reaching out to underrepresented groups, in making sure that women’s voices, that are traditionally marginalised are included and engaging with young people as well.

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