The importance of human rights as a direct link to Gender, Youth and Equality

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The importance of human rights as a direct link to Gender, Youth and Equality

The importance of human rights as a direct link to Gender, Youth and EqualityWomen and girls account for half of the world’s population and inclusive policies that ensure access for women, girls, boys and men without any distinction are needed to take humanity to a standardized level of digital literacy and to end conflicts, so to find a interconnected future which is equal to all.

John Carr, an ECPA international Representative from Thailand shares an insight into the importance off human rights which is a link to gender, youth and equality as viewed by the .

He says, it’s Obvious, therefore, that, child protection, child safety, the welfare of children are a predominant concern of ECPA International and the work our members do, it would be a mistake, and it’s a mistake that’s often made, to assume that therefore we see the Internet only as a threat, only as a source of danger to children and young people.  Quite the contrary.

We see the tremendous, positive possibilities that the technology can present to children, particularly children in underrepresented groups and marginal groups.  This might be the only way in which, for example, they can access information about their rights, the only way in which they can assert those rights, gain information about health, opportunities, a whole range of things.

So we absolutely get the positive dimension of what the Internet can present to children and young people around the world.

We have as our kind of corner stone, the touchstone as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The most widely convention adopted in UN history. That charter speaks unequivocally about children’s rights to access information from whatever media or from whatever source and also speaks about children’s rights of assembly, rights of Association and children’s rights to express themselves through whatever media might be available.  We regard those rights of children to be of paramount importance. Not subordinate to, not distinct from, but of paramount importance but of course those rights only mean something if children can enjoy them meaningfully and that’s only possible if the environment is as safe as it possible can be which is why we do tend to focus some of our work on aspects of protectionism and so on.

But we always try to ensure that it’s in balance because you could protect children from every single potential risk in perpetuity by locking them in the living room and never letting them out of the house.  That’s an impractical and stupid approach and we try to reflect this by bringing a sense of balance to the work that we do.

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