#FreeSanaa and the Tik Tok Women in Egypt

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#FreeSanaa and the Tik Tok Women in Egypt

#FreeSanaa and the #TikTokWomenDemand the release of human rights defenders in Egypt

In April, the Egyptian authorities arrested Haneen Hossam, a 20-year-old student and TikTok influencer with more than 1 million followers. Her crime? Dancing, having fun, and making money from her content. She was charged with violating “the values of the Egyptian family and society” under the Cybercrime Law. She was also sentenced to two years in prison, her assets frozen, and fined with a hefty sum of 300,000 LE (nearly USD $19,000).

Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif has been arbitrarily detained since June — for the “crime” of speaking up about the spread of COVID-19 in Egyptian prisons and for her human rights activism. The charges include spreading false information, using social media to commit crimes, and insulting a police official. On Thursday, Sanaa was scheduled for a hearing, but it was postponed until October 11, prolonging her detainment. She and her brother, Alaa Abd El-Fattah, remain behind bars, and they need your help. Speak up now to demand their release , and the release of other human rights advocates unjustly imprisoned in Egypt.

#FreeSanaa and the #TikTokWomenSeveral other women have also been sentenced to large fines and 2-3 years in prison. Haneen Hossam, Mawada Eladhm, and Manar Samy are now fighting for their freedom through appeal trials, and they need your help.

These women were jailed for TikTok videos. You can help them

One of Egypt’s #TikTokWomen, Minna Abdel Aziz, was released from jail on Thursday. Minna is among nine Egyptian women who have been detained, fined, and/or imprisoned under vague and broad laws that criminalize violating “Egyptian family values.” The country’s Cybercrime Law lets authorities arrest and imprison people simply for singing and dancing on TikTok, and it has been weaponized to target women specifically. A number of their appeals hearings have been delayed. Now is the time to take action. Please sign this petition to speak out in their defense

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