Apply for Asia’s Digital Integrity Fellow Traineeship

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Apply for Asia’s Digital Integrity Fellow Traineeship

Apply for Asia's Digital Integrity Fellow Traineeship

Interested in a two-week training in Southeast Asia and possible work experience in digital security? Check out the Digital Integrity Fellowship opportunity in Asia and how to apply!

The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) is calling for applicants to participate in its Digital Integrity Fellow Traineeship in Southeast Asia in 2019. Selected participants will, in the first phase, take part in a two-week training from 19 August to 1 September 2019 and, if selected for the second phase, will go on to carry out a three month paid Digital Integrity Fellowship, accompanying a human rights organisation in improving its digital security.

The Digital Integrity Fellowship

The Digital Integrity Fellowship (DIF) was founded by DDP in 2014 as a means of offering support to human rights organisations in need of improving their digital security. DIF Fellows work 10 days per month providing accompaniment, coaching, and training to at least two organisations at a time, in accordance with their needs. They support the strengthening of awareness of digital security and privacy issues within the organisations, the development of resilient digital (and overall) security practices, and the well-being of the collective in general. Working with a holistic perspective, they collaborate where necessary with experts in physical security, legal support, or psycho-social well-being. In order to support the sustainability of the process, they build the capacities of internal organisational focal points who, by the end of the project, have the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to continue updating the organisation’s practices.

The DIF Traineeship in Southeast Asia

DDP is now undergoing a project to expand its cohort of Fellows, focusing on strengthening local capacities and offering coaching and mentorship along the way.  This Traineeship offers activists, digital security experts, and human rights organisations, collectives or networks in South-East Asia the opportunity to become trained in DIF Methodology and carry out a paid three-month Fellowship process.

The Traineeship involves two phases: in the first phase, selected participants will take part in a two-week-long intensive training from 19 August to 1 September 2019 as part of a month-long provisional preparation. Candidates who are successful in phase one will then be contracted to carry out a three-month long DIF accompaniment of a human rights organisation of their choice. During this phase, Trainee Fellows will benefit from a contract and stipend provided by DDP, as well as regular supervision and mentorship. A successful Traineeship may lead to the opportunity for longer-term engagement as a DIF Fellow.

Who can apply to be a Trainee Fellow?

Applicants can apply either as individuals or as representatives of organisations.

Individual applicants will be asked to provide a list of between one and three organisations which they would like to accompany if selected to participate in phase two; representatives of organisations will carry out their trainee Fellowship with the organisation in question.

Applicants must be based in Southeast Asia, speak fluent English, and identify either as an activist, human rights defender, or support them.

A background in Information and Communication Technologies is not necessary, though knowledge of the fundamentals of digital security and its relevance to human rights activism is. Curiosity, motivation, collaboration, and trust are core to the positive experience of a Digital Integrity Fellowship process.

We particularly welcome interdisciplinary applicants, with backgrounds or experience in coaching, free and open-source software, gender-based violence, humanitarian support, human rights, open and investigative data, organisational development, training and facilitation, popular education, protection, psycho social well-being, self care/collective care,  or other relevant fields.

DDP is dedicated to strengthening diversity in the field of digital security, and in this regard, women and LGBTQI+ people, persons with disabilities, as well as others traditionally under-represented in the field, are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must be willing to share and replicate the knowledge and skills gained during the training with their own organizations, networks and/or communities.

Which organisations can apply or receive support?

Organisations submitted by applicants for hosting their Trainee Fellowship should be not-for-profit oriented, committed to human rights, and subject to digital risks or threats. Small organisations (over 3 persons) embedded in different networks or communities, and small/medium-sized organisations developing local or regional work (on issues such as human rights, indigenous and environmental justice, Internet freedom, social transformation, education and learning, digital rights and open data, gender and LGBTQI+ rights, urban social movements, etc) will be accepted. If applicants submit large networks or organisations, they will be encouraged to focus their work of accompaniment in a specific area of that network or organisation.

Applicants submitting as an organisational representative will propose their own organisation to host the fellowship process. If successful in Phase 1, DDP will propose a contract with their organisation in order to cover a monthly stipend for their 3 months Trainee Fellowship.

Applicants submitting as individuals can propose between one and three possible human rights organisations that could host their fellowship process. If successful in Phase 1, DDP will propose a contract with the applicants in order to provide them with a monthly stipend for their 3 months Trainee Fellowship (10 days per month).

Trust is a central part in the success of an accompaniment process between a Digital Integrity fellow and an hosting organisation as those often operate in complex environments, face different types of threats and are under pressure. Because of this, whenever possible it is recommended that applicants submitting as individuals propose hosting organisations with whom they have already built some kind of trust relationship.


10th May 2019: Call for applications open

17th June 2019: Call for applications close

20th June 2019: Short listed participants are contacted for setting up an online interview before end of June.

First week July 2019: Final selected participants will be invited to the training if successful in the online interview, accepting the Code of Conduct and submitting a letter from one organisation accepting to host their fellowship.

19th – 31th August 2019: Trainings “Digital security with a holistic perspective” and “Digital Integrity Fellowship security accompaniment of Human Rights Organisations”

1st September 2019: Departure

September – December 2019: Accompaniment of one organisations by Digital Integrity Fellows

DDP will invite participants successful at the training to sign a contract for a 3 months fellowship (10 days per month x 3 months). The complete process of the 3 months accompaniment will have to take place between September and mid of December 2019.

How do I apply?

Click here to fill out the application form.

Click here to visit Digital Intergrity Fellows website for more

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